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Vision Care

  • What is a retinal detachment?

    Learn more about this sight-threatening condition! Did you know that a flash of light, or a floater or spot in your vision, can be a sign that you have a serious retinal condition that needs IMMEDIATE medical attention? The retina is a very sensitive and important structure that lines the inside of your eye. It […]

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  • Thinking about LASIK surgery?

    Have you thought about LASIK surgery? Did you know that the doctors at Vision Source Mandan offer LASIK surgery co-management services? We can do your full pre-operative evaluation right in the office. We have the instrumentation and technology to do so. This evaluation will tell us if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. […]

    Continue Reading June 3, 2019

  • Custom sun clips for your eyeglasses!

    Ever wish you could have two pairs of glasses, in one? With Chemistrie Clips, you can! Chemistrie Clips are magnetic sunglass clips that can be custom-made to fit any frame. The magnets are placed directly into the eyeglass lenses, which makes them compatible with any type of frame. Then, the clips is custom-shaped to perfectly […]

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  • Don’t wait for your child to complain of a vision problem!

    For most children, they won’t complain. When a child is diagnosed with a vision problem, I often have parents ask me “Why didn’t my child complain about this?” The reality is that many children don’t complain about vision problems, because they don’t know what they don’t know. Think of it this way: If your child […]

    Continue Reading September 25, 2018

  • InfantSEE Eye Exams

    Do you know when your infant should have their first eye exam? I find that many parents don’t know about the InfantSEE program. With this national program, you can get an eye exam for no charge for your infant under 1 year of age! Through this program, parents can take their infant to a participating InfantSEE […]

    Continue Reading July 10, 2018

  • Protect your eyes when enjoying fireworks

    Remember to keep your eyes safe this Fourth of July. Did you know that over 10,000 people are treated in the emergency room each year due to fireworks? Did you know that over 20% of these injuries are eye-related? How do eye injuries happen with fireworks? The bulk of fireworks injuries actually occur to innocent […]

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  • Digital Eye Strain

    We spend so much of our lives in front of digital devices. Whether it’s computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc – Digital Eye Strain (DES) is becoming more of a problem. Here’s 6 tips to help you battle Digital Eye Strain associated with Computer Vision Syndrome. (1) Follow the 20-20-20 Rule Every 20 minutes, look at […]

    Continue Reading April 5, 2018

  • Ask Dr. Schauer ~ Why do my contacts burn?

    “When I soak my contacts overnight in solution, they always burn when I put them in my eyes in the morning. Is this normal? Should I use different solution?” Our 103.3 US Country listener asks a good question this morning that I think a lot of contact lens wearers can relate to. The short answer is […]

    Continue Reading January 23, 2018

  • Can marijuana treat glaucoma?

    “I’ve been told that medical marijuana treats glaucoma. Is this true?” Our question this morning on 103.3 US Country comes from an anonymous listener, but it is one that I sometimes get asked by patients. In summary, the answer is NO. And I’ll explain why. What is glaucoma? There are different types of glaucoma but […]

    Continue Reading January 9, 2018

  • January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

    Did you know that glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the United States? It is certainly worthy to be a topic of interest for the month of January. Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that lead to progressive damage of the optic nerve. The optic nerve is attached to the back of […]

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