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Treatment option for dry eye

This new treatment for dry eye changes the game!

Vision Source Mandan is excited to announce the new treatment we have available for dry eye patients. The BlephEx treatment cleans the openings to the meibomian glands, which are vital to secreting the “oil layer” of your tear film. The openings to these glands are located on your upper and lower eyelids, between your eyelashes and where your eyelid contacts your eye (known as the “water line”).

We can compare this eye treatment to cleaning your teeth. Think about it: You know that slimy feeling you get if you don’t brush your teeth? Or how amazingly slick and smooth your teeth feel after you get them cleaned professionally at the dentist’s office? That thorough teeth cleaning procedure is able to effectively remove the bio-film from your teeth that builds up over time¬†due to your saliva.

Well, what part of your eyes do you never wash yet is in contact with your tears? The water line! The openings to your meibomian glands! You can also get a bio-film on this surface, just like you can get a slimy bio-film on your teeth. While you may externally wash your eyelids and eyelashes at home, it is not the same as a professional BlephEx cleaning of the water line.

Is the procedure painful? Does it take long?

BlephEx takes less than 5 minutes to do. Some patients may feel like the procedure “tickles” or may notice slight discomfort, but do not experience pain. (Again,¬†compare it to teeth cleaning. The procedure does not hurt, although it may be a little uncomfortable at times.)

How often should this treatment be done?

At this time, we recommend for dry eye patients to have the BlephEx treatment every 6 months. To maintain the effects, we’ll also recommend a specific eye cleansing routine for you to do at home.

You don’t think twice about brushing your teeth at home — your eyes need the same routine management for their long-term health.


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